Trigger your Repeat at a specific time with tasks!

The Task event allows you to invoke your Repeat at a specific time.


interface Repeat.Task {
	data: string,
	id: string,
	options: {
		runAt: string


  • data: string
    • A JSON string containing the data object that was passed when creating the task.

  • id: string
    • An identifier for the task, this can be user-specified when adding the task otherwise Repeat will generate one for you.

  • options: { runAt: string }
    • The time that the task was specified to run at, as a Unix timestamp.


export default {
	async task(cron: Repeat.Task, env: Repeat.Env) {
		// ...


  • env: Env
    • The env object represents the Repeat’s environment, such as variables, storage and metrics as well as the various webhook integrations for different platforms.


  • void

Last updated on January 6, 2023