Trigger your Repeat via HTTP!

The webhook event allows you to trigger a Repeat upon HTTP requests to your Repeat’s URL.

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You can view existing webhooks, or add additional ones, under the Events tab on the sidebar.


Refer to the Request Web API.


export default {
	async webhook(request: Request, env: Repeat.Env) {
		// ...


  • request: Request
    • The Request object represents the incoming request to your Repeat web hooks, and allows you to access information such as the headers or body of the request.

  • env: Env The Env object represents the Repeat’s environment, such as variables, storage and metrics as well as the various webhook integrations for different platforms.


  • void | response
    • Your webhook handler does not need to return a Response, but you return one optionally if necessary.


Echo the received headers

export default {
	async webhook(request: Request, env: Repeat.Env) {
		return Response.json(Object.fromEntries(request.headers.entries()));

// {
//  "accept": "*/*",
//  "accept-encoding": "gzip",
//  ...
// }

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Last updated on November 12, 2022