Let’s get started

Let’s get setup & make our first Repeat!

Welcome to repeat.dev

Say hello to Webhooks as a Service.

Signing up

Let’s get you setup and repeating in no-time!

  1. Head over to https://dash.repeat.dev
  1. Repeat currently offers single sign-on with two providers, GitHub and Google. Pick the one you prefer!
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  1. Go through the sign-on flow with your preferred provider and you’ll be returned back to the repeat.dev dashboard.
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      Your homepage will be a list of your Repeats along with some stats about their last invocation. Along the top menu bar, there is:

      • New Repeat - click on this to create a new Repeat from our available templates.
      • Storage - View the storage for your Repeats. All Repeats have access to powerful Key-Value storage.
      • Repeats - Return to the homepage, showing a list of your Repeats.
      • Account - Logout from your account.
      • Theme - Toggle between dark mode and light mode.
  1. Let’s create our first Repeat - click on New Repeat and then Webhook.
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  1. Welcome to the editor for your Repeat - let’s get familiar with the interface.
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      • Edit - the web editor for your Repeat’s code.
      • Versions - view the deployment history of your Repeat.
      • Logs - view the logs of previous Repeat runs.
      • Metrics - view the metrics you have logged as graphs.
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      • Preview - invoke your Repeat’s events - if you have multiple (such as Webhook and Email) then they will show up as separate Preview buttons.
      • Events - add additional events that will trigger your Repeat, or remove existing ones
      • Variables - add variables and secrets that will be available in your Repeat at runtime.
      • Dependencies - add packages from NPM to be bundled & imported into your Repeat.
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      This will show as Up to date if the code currently in your editor is the same as the published Repeat.

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      Welcome to the powerful web-based editor for your Repeats - with native TypeScript support to give you intellisense and error checking along the way.

  1. Have a play around with your Repeat and if you have any questions or want to showcase what you’ve built, join our Discord community!

Last updated on November 13, 2022